Pioneer and visionary

Created by Hannah 10 years ago
Some people seem ordinary, yet are larger than life. Some people choose one career path, yet are compelled to follow another. Some people embody a word. Peter was just such a person. And that word is compassion. Peter was a true pioneer – a dairy farmer who, driven by compassion, became appalled at the rise in factory farming and forty years ago set up Compassion In World Farming. Going against the agricultural tide of the time, he saw his back room protest group grow to be the leading force for farm animal welfare internationally that it is now. Peter was a visionary – he saw that there must be a better way. A way in which people can be well fed, the environment protected and animals treated with compassion. He saw concern for animals as a natural extension of his love for humanity. He saw a common union between all sentient beings. Peter is truly inspirational – his strength, vision and humility have inspired a legion of people across the world to give voice to the suffering of farm animals. To imagine a world where farm animals are treated with compassion and respect. Where fresh air and sunshine are natural parts of any farming system and where long distance transport and inhumane slaughter are things of the past. His legacy of change is immense. His approach and determination lives on in Compassion in World Farming.