Tribute from an ex-Land Girl

Created by Compassion in World Farming 10 years ago
My husband and I were introduced to Peter and Anna one day in 1969. They had turned their home into the H.Q. of the new Compassion in World Farming. We were impressed by Peter’s way of putting across his views and aims to improve the way farmed animals and birds were being bred, reared and treated. I was an ex-Land Girl, used to hand milking cows – and a goat (!) - rearing calves, keeping poultry and pigs etc., and all of what Peter was speaking really reached me, and we became staunch supporters of his work from then on. Peter himself was a lovely person to know. Enthusiastic for the cause but never strident or bombastic. He appealed to those in the farming industry to be more compassionate to the animals, reasoning and never ranting. I feel privileged to have known such a person as Peter Roberts, and will be a supporter of Compassion in World Farming for as long as I live, for the sake of farmed animals – and also as a tribute to a good, kind and caring man. - Pamela Jack