Helen Engelen March 19th, 2011

To my gorgeous Dad, Five weeks today, Philip & I will be married; on Easter Saturday. I have 2 wishes; the 1st is that you could come back for one single day to share our happiness, the 2nd is that you had known that Phil & I are together and I know you would be over the moon. You always adored Phil (and visa versa) & would have loved to have seen us together & known how immensely happy I am. I am so sad to have not been able to share this with you; it was not to be, you left this world a year before Phil & I got together. We are having a weekend of celebrations, with our wedding in a beautiful barn, followed by Luke's 13th birthday, the very next day on Easter Sunday. Luke will stand in for you on my wedding day & walk me down the aisle & give me away to Phil; I am so privileged that he really wants to take on this role in your absence. Miss you so much, as we all do; Luke very much so too. Think of you every day. love "Helemy"; your "baby of the family"; xxxx