Kim Kim W. Stallwood January 17th, 2011

In 1976 I was lucky to be introduced to Peter Roberts, co-founder with his wife Anna of Compassion In World Farming, who took an enormous risk by employing me as the group’s second full-time employee. I was a vegan aged 21 who had abandoned his career in hotels and restaurants. Although I had no prior experience, I became CIWF’s campaigns organiser and found myself for the first time producing newsletters, tabling at public events, helping to organise local groups and even investigating the live export of farmed animals to France. I knew from my two years with CIWF that I had found my calling. I have worked for animal welfare in the UK and US ever since. I am forever grateful to Peter and Anna for the opportunity they gave me. They taught me a great deal. It was an enjoyable experience, too. Kim Stallwood